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RAU 2020

30th Annual Users Meeting – RAU 2020

30th Annual Users Meeting – RAU 2020

Held in remote and online format, the 30th edition of RAU / CNPEM took place between the 9th and 12th of November.

The event brought together researchers from all over the world that use LNLS scientific instrumentation, to carry out cutting edge research in different areas such as Chemistry, Energy, Biotechnology, Health and Pharmacology, Materials Science, Environmental Science, Oil and Gas, Ray Image X, among others.

With the arrival of the commissioning of the first lines of the new Brazilian synchrotron light source, Sirius, the exchange of experience and the debate between the scientific community have an essential role to describe your needs and expectations for the new source. This was one of the main roles of the event.

AVACO, in addition to being a sponsor, participated by promoting a lecture presented by the company SPECS Surface Nano Analysis GmbH, of which AVACO is the exclusive representative in Brazil.

As a specialist in the area, the SPECS lecture had as its themes the NAP-XPS instrumentation technology and its applications for new developments. This technology, X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS – X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy) in close ambient pressure (NAP), is used to analyze the chemistry of the surface of a material. The XPS spectra are obtained by illuminating the sample surface with x-rays, and eventually monochromatic x-rays, measuring the emitted photoelectrons. With XPS, the elemental composition and chemical status of the detected elements can be quantitatively determined in the surface region, with an information depth of up to 10 nm.

Presented on 12.11.2020 by Dr. Liana Socaciu-Siebert, the lecture lasted 30 minutes and was open to all participants registered on the “whova” platform.

Access the link and learn more about the technology and products provided by SPECS:


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