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Casa de David Avaco

AVACO becomes a “friendly company” of the NGO Casa de David

For years contributing to the development of science in our country through sponsorships for several related events, AVACO also started to work in the social area, an important principle for companies, becoming in early 2020 donor and “friend company” of NGO Casa de David. This institution’s mission is “To care for and assist people with intellectual, physical and autism disabilities, most of them needy and abandoned, generating quality of life, dignity, love and respect”.
With two units, one in the north of São Paulo and the other in the municipality of Atibaia, it serves more than 430 needy people, on a long-stay basis, resembling a hospital, open 24 hours a day and provided by a team of specialists in the areas of health, social assistance, education, as well as the administrative area.
It was chosen because one of AVACO’s partners already had a history of contributions, following the institution’s seriousness.
Visit the website www.casadedavid.org.br and learn more about his work. Take part.



Some works developed by the Institution

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