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Cryogenic vacuum pumps for medium and high vacuum applications

Cryogenic pumps from HSR AG are, among other things, known for quality in performance and high reliability in use.

With a long maintenance interval, they provide high capacity for continuous operation, long periods of operation between the necessary maintenance provide high capacity and continuous operation, representing an excellent cost-benefit ratio.

VCP Cryogenic Pump Line - DN 100 to DN 200

The CVP pump line has an innovative geometry, patented by HSR, which allows a 30% flow increase and greater “pumping” capacity, guaranteeing a longer service life compared to competing pumps with the same flange size.

An additional design allows the reproduction of the volumetric flow of different gases (Ar, O2, N, CH4, etc.), maintaining the maximum flow efficiency in pumping water vapor.d throttling

VELCO Cryogenic Pumps Line - DN 250 to DN 1250

The optimized design of the VELCO cryogenic pump line allows operation under extreme conditions, that is, under attack from gases and high temperatures up to 350 ° C.

Its geometry, patented by HSR, allows for extraordinarily long periods of operation and short maintenance sequences.

The powerful cooling capacity provides long periods of use without the need for maintenance.

Sputter Cryogenic Pump Line - DN 250 to DN 400

The Sputter line of cryogenic pumps was specially developed to eliminate the so-called “memory effect”. Developed with the most current technology in diffuser pumps, it does not use additional heating elements, eliminating losses in volumetric flow capacity or performance.


  • High cooling performance, guarantees the highest level of thermal stability
  • Optimized design allows operation with an argon gas pressure above 1200 sccm
  • Insensitive to air or gas invasion
  • Made of aluminum or stainless steel
  • Available in flange version (without housing)

Conventional applications of cryogenic pumps

  • Coating machines
  • Space simulation chamber
  • Sputtering Systems
  • Fusion test system
  • Particle accelerators
  • Thermal coating systems
  • Metallizers

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