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Diffuser vacuum pumps for medium vacuum and high vacuum applications

Standard Line

ECO Line

Diffusion type vacuum pumps are pumps that use a high-speed steam jet as their operating principle. The steam is generated by a low pressure oil, which in turn is able to direct gas molecules through the pump exhaust. Diffuser pumps are used in industrial applications and also in the area of research & development, which demand a high level of vacuum, robustness to impurities and large pumping capacities.

Oil diffusion pumps have many applications in high vacuum technology, for example, metallization systems, metallurgical installations, vacuum furnaces, laboratory pumping stations and much more.

A complete line of diffuser pumps

The tried and tested diffusion pump technology of the old Balzers AG was further developed after being acquired by HSR AG.

HRS offers a complete line of diffusion pumps, with compact DN 40 opening pumps, up to large capacity pumps with DN 1000 opening. This translates into a wide range of pumping capacity, from 40 l / s to 50,000 l / s.

Concerned with the current ecological and environmental requirements, HRS developed its line of diffuser pumps called ECO, where the heating system of its products has been completely overhauled, to ensure greater energy efficiency. As a result, the new diffusion pumps from the ECO line, versions DN320, DN400, DN500, DN630 and DN800, are capable of saving up to 45% of electricity costs. In addition, radiation heat emission from diffuser pumps to the environment has been reduced from 25% to approx. 5% in this new ECO version.

Main Features

  • Pump range available in nominal sizes from DN 40 to DN 1000
  • Air and water cooled oil diffusion pumps
  • High volume flow rates
  • Good pre-vacuum stability
  • Low gas reflux
  • Continuous self-cleaning of the fuel in the purification zone

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