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Gas abatement systems for industrial applications and research & development

CS Clean Systems is a German company that produces systems for the treatment of toxic or corrosive gases, in the exhaustion of equipment for the chemical and semiconductor areas.

CS Clean Systems’ systems are an evolution of the old gas scrubbers or scrubber, that is, they use solid granulate technology that reacts permanently and stable with toxic and corrosive gases.

NovaSafe and NovaPure equipment are the most suitable models for research centers and pilot plants. They are not considered aggressive to the environment, as they work passively, do not require running water or electricity.



NovaSafe - "plug & play" solution for low flow

Air pollution regulations, concerns about the health of employees and growing awareness of the emission of toxic gases are points that demand increasing improvements in the conditioning of exhaust gases.

The NOVASAFE® dry gas scrubber reduces the risks associated with flammable, toxic or corrosive gases and vapors.

NOVASAFE® gas scrubbers offer an extremely safe and efficient way to treat toxic and corrosive gases resulting from hazardous processes. This purifier is a breakthrough in technological dry chemistry that contains approximately 2.5 gallons (9.5 liters) of granules. It is recommended for use in general laboratory and production environments. Operating passively at room temperature, the chemical granulate of the container reacts in contact with the gases and by-products of the process, converting them into non-volatile inorganic solids.


NovaPure - High flow solution

The Novapure series offers a safe, efficient and reliable solution for the treatment of dangerous gases and process by-products.

This system uses an exclusive technology of chemically sorptive granules to treat process gases, usually in a pressure environment. Its continuous monitoring system guarantees total gas treatment, meeting TLV levels. In the event of a power failure, the Novapure system continues to treat the gases at its entrance.

Its monitoring system provides a warning when the granulate is consumed at 90%. The remaining capacity allows the current process to be carried out to the end and a replenishment to be scheduled smoothly.

The chemisorption technology provides irreversible reactions with process gases and their by-products, forming non-volatile solids. The spent container can be disposed of or incinerated easily and safely.


CleanVent - Gas cabinet solution

Before a new gas cylinder is installed inside a gas cabin, the remaining process gas must be removed – for safety reasons and to ensure the integrity of the new gas cylinder. The dead volume of residual gas is likely to be highly concentrated, toxic, pyrophoric or corrosive, which poses a considerable safety risk. For over 25 years, the CLEANVENT cartridge has proven to be a safe solution for removing dangerous purging gases.



  • ALD
  • ALE
  • Plasma Etching
  • Plasma cleaning chambers
  • CVD
  • MEMS
  • Ionic Implantation
  • Photo-voltaic cells
  • Gas cabins, gas cylinders

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