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Helium and/or hydrogen leak detectors

Main equipment:

The leak detection technique by Helium and / or hydrogen leak allows to measure and locate the smallest leaks. They are very sensitive techniques (hundredths of a gram of gas per century!).

The technique consists in producing a pressure difference between the walls of the part (whose tightness must be verified), generating vacuum on one side and / or exerting high pressure on the other side. If there is a leak in the wall, the very light Helium molecules will pass through it, thanks to the pressure difference. With a mass spectrometer integrated into the detector, helium flow is measured at the applied pressure difference. The amount of the leak is measured in mbar x l / s or grams per year.

Pfeiffer Vacuum is the world leader in helium leak leak detectors with over 10,000 units in use worldwide, in industries such as automotive, aerospace, home appliances, electronics, metal-mechanics and research centers. Their equipment is recognized as being of the highest sensitivity, very robust and easy to maintain in the field. AVACO has specialists in the application of this technique and can assist you in choosing the appropriate method and detector.

Types of He and H2 Leak Detectors

  • Portátil, modulares (para fácil e eficiente integração);
  • Para trabalhar em modo cheirador (sniffing) (com pressão de Hélio ou Hidrogênio), modo vácuo ou ambos;
  • Do tipo convencional com bombas a óleo, ou secas para eliminar os riscos de contaminação.

A complete line of leak detectors

  • Maximum performance, compact and versatile
  • Available in conventional or dry versions
  • Various I / O interfaces for production line integration (such as Profibus)
  • Remote control for use up to 100m away
  • Portable leak detector for helium and or hydrogen leakage
  • Multi-purpose helium leak detector
  • Offers color touch screen and easy-to-use graphical interface, embedded in a detachable panel for better ergonomics
  • High-performance helium or hydrogen leak detectors for sniffer work
  • High performance helium and or hydrogen leak detectors
  • Robust and compact
  • Fast response time for high throughput testing
  • High performance helium and or hydrogen leak detectors
  • High mobility for testing on large workplaces
  • Helium leak leak detection – workstations
  • For mass production control of small parts hermetically closed or open
  • Helium and hydrogen leakage detectors – Workstation
  • For leak testing of components where high productivity is required
  • High performance and extremely low detection thresholds
  • Helium and hydrogen leakage detectors
  • Clean room – Quality control – Maintenance of scientific instrumentation

Exemple of applications

  • R & D
  • Aircraft industry
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Measuring technology
  • Cooling
  • Air conditioning
  • Semiconductor technology
  • Leak detection systems

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