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High temperature furnaces with high vacuum, inert gas atmosphere control, hot presses

OXY-GON is a manufacturer and designer of vacuum furnaces, for high temperature and inert atmosphere. The company is located in the USA and has customers in segments such as aerospace, ceramics, communications, computing, metallurgy, electronics, nuclear power, fiber optics, defense and research and development.

The line includes an annealing furnace with temperatures up to 3000 ° C and which operates in high vacuum, ultra-high vacuum and in inert atmospheres, nitrogen, hydrogen and reducing gases. Other products include gas ovens and purifying elements, in addition to tungsten ovens.

Overview of the Oxy-Gon Product Line

  • Gas purification furnaces
  • Regenerative furnaces
  • Ovens for universal application
  • Lower load ovens
  • Hot press
  • Fiber drawing furnaces
  • Final charge tube furnaces
  • Top loading ovens
  • Crystal growth furnaces
  • Tensile / Strength Testing Furnaces
  • Furnaces with molybdenum elements
  • Furnaces with tungsten elements

Vacuum Furnaces - General Purposes

They are ovens with universal application. They are designed to provide years of continuous service, requiring a low investment cost. The oven can be brought up to a maximum temperature of 3,000 ° C (5432 ° F) and operate in a vacuum, inert atmosphere, nitrogen or hydrogen. Generally, the basic oven system includes the following components:

  • Heat zone
  • Feeding system
  • Evacuation system
  • Inert gas system

The chamber, the front door and the rear cover are double-walled, made of 304L stainless steel. Each component is electro-polished to achieve the highest vacuum quality

The doors are incorporated in the chamber and the front door has a viewing window, thermocouples, or with an optical pyrometer. In the assembly of the front element, silver plated copper keys are used. This eliminates the need for power cables to be mounted on the front door. Access to the working area of ​​the heat zone is easy due to the positioning of the element, half of which is located on the front door.

The shield element and packages can be supplied in molybdenum, tantalum, tungsten or graphite, depending on the working temperature of the unit. The sizes of the work zone can range from an inch in diameter by an inch in height to four inches in diameter by eight inches in height.

Hot Press - 5 to 150 tons

OXY-GON hot presses are part of a project that can be considered the “state of the art” in hot presses, allowing the construction of equipment that is easy to operate and that provides years of continuous service. Generally, the basic oven system includes the following components:

  • Chamber
  • Heat zone
  • Feeding system
  • Control and instrumentation cabinet
  • Frame / frame
  • Hydraulic system
  • High vacuum pumping or evacuation system
  • Inert gas / nitrogen system

Other press models are available within the following parameters:

  • Strength: 5, 10, 15, 25, 50 or 100 tons
  • Heat zone sizes: diameters 1 ″ to 14 ″ and length 20 ″
  • Heating elements: molybdenum, tungsten, graphite or tantalum; all with suitable thermal insulation shield
  • Temperature: 500 ° C to 2500 ° C
  • Environments: 2 PSIG gas for 2500 ° C, Rough or High Vacuum; at 2300 ° C, levels of 10 ^ -2 Torr to 10 ^ -6 Torr.

Main Applications

Vacuum Furnaces

  • Heat treatment
  • Welding
  • Diffusion and bonding
  • Extensometry
  • Hot pressing
  • Extinction
  • Fusion
  • Sintering,
  • Crystal growth
  • Degassing
  • Glass processing

Hot Press

  • Diffusion connection studies
  • Hot compaction of oxides, nitrides, borides, carbides, sulfides, in addition to their mixtures up to close theoretical densities
  • Sintering

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