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Vacuum furnaces for industrial applications

Avaco, through its represented PVATePla, supplies furnaces to the Brazilian market vacuum furnaces for various industrial applications such as sintering, joining, welding and melting, as well as cleaning, refining materials and producing high performance composites.

PVATePla is the market leader in high pressure isostatic furnaces, high vacuum brazing furnaces and diffusion joint systems for large components. With its established experience, it also produces vacuum casting systems with induction heating, as well as plasma nitriding systems.

Main Furnaces:

Some of the areas served by our line

Powder Metallurgy

We provide ovens for:

  • Vacuum sintering of metallic materials (for example, carbide) and ceramic materials (for example, silicon carbide and silicon nitride)
  • Hot isostatic pressing
  • Vacuum sintering with vacuum and hydrogen unwinding
    sintering of tantalum and molybdenum
  • Carbide of metal powders / metal oxide to form metal carbides

Junction Technology

High-performance systems for:

  • Vacuum brazing of vacuum switches, components for medical devices (for example, rotating anodes for X-ray machines), instruments (pressure probes, thermal elements, sensors), diamond tools, carbide and ceramic components
  • Vacuum brazing of heat exchangers, cooling plates, EGR coolers, electron tubes and current cables
  • Diffusion bonding of cooled contoured shapes, hot runner collectors for the plastic injection molding industry, heat exchangers, machine parts and components for the aerospace industry and power plant parts

Heat treatment

High temperature vacuum systems with graphite heating and integrated gas system for:

  • Degassing and cleaning, for example graphite components (reducing ash content)
    Bright annealing and stress relief annealing
  • Recycling of contaminated graphite components (eg from MOCVD epitaxy processes)
  • CVD coating of graphite with silicon carbide (SiC)
  • Sintering
  • Infiltration
  • Vacuum brazing and inert gas

Fusion metallurgy

We offer vacuum, melting and casting systems

  • For the manufacture of semi-finished products and components of special metals or alloys
  • For material development in steel mills, institutes and foundries
  • For the processing of precious metals in the dental, electronics, watchmaking and jewelry industries
  • For the manufacture of form memory alloys for the electronics and automotive industries
  • For precision casting and precision casting in the metal processing industry
  • For vertical monocrystalline freezing processes with gradient, for example, for turbine blades

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