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High temperature furnaces for laboratory and industrial applications. In-line or custom solutions

Since its inception, Avaco has offered its portfolio a wide range of high temperature furnaces. Through the representation of major brands in the international market, we offer our customers high quality equipment, cutting edge technology and a high degree of reliability, meeting the needs of the most demanding processes.

High quality thermal processing equipment

  • Laboratory and production furnaces
  • Greenhouses
  • Recirculating ovens
  • Vacuum-formed ceramic fiber heating element
  • Foundry Furnaces
  • Heating coils
  • Gas ovens
  • Diffusion heaters, for temperatures up to 1800 ° C

Chamber Furnace

Thermcraft chamber furnaces are available in a wide variety of configurations and temperature ranges. The chamber oven has a simple and conservative design, which makes this type of oven very versatile and trouble free. These units are built with a heavy gauge steel housing and low density heating elements, as well as light ceramic fiber insulation, making these ovens suitable for any industrial or laboratory application.

Chamber ovens are available in many configurations that include single zone or multiple zone heated chambers and temperature ranges between 1010 ° C, 1204 ° C, 1538 ° C or 1700 ° C. Options include pneumatic door opening, viewing window, sealed sealed for atmosphere control, heated doors, cooling tanks, automation, standard controllers and PLC controls, among others. If you can imagine it, Thermcraft can build it.

Tube Furnace

Thermcraft manufactures tubular ovens for various types of industrial and laboratory applications. Each tubular oven can be customized according to the exact specifications provided by the customer. We work in partnership to create the size and design that best meet your needs.

Solid or split tube ovens (hinged split tube ovens) are available in many configurations including: single zone or multizone heated chambers, horizontal or vertical mounting, temperature ranges up to 1010 ° C, 1204 ° C , 1538 ° C or 1700 ° C. Options include pneumatic opening, viewing ports, standard controllers and PLC controllers, just to name a few options. If you can imagine it, Thermcraft can build it. Be sure to contact us with your special project or custom application.

Bridgman Crystal Growth Furnace

This Bridgman crystal oven for vertical cultivation is designed with stepper motors for infinite control of the rotation and translation of the oven. The oven has three heating zones and can reach temperatures of up to 1200 ° C. The entire system is controlled by PLC through a graphical interface.

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