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Devices for measuring / controlling mass flow of gases and liquids, vaporizers, pressure controllers

Through its represented Horiba – Semiconductors, Avaco offers devices for mass flow controllers / meters (MFC / MFM) and liquid flow controllers / meters in different versions, to satisfy the most demanding processes. In addition, in combination with mass flow controllers, Horiba offers liquid vaporization systems, pressure control devices via inlet (upstream) or via outlet (downstream), among other devices.

Main Products:

HORIBA Semiconductors is recognized as a leader in mass flow technology. With extensive research and development, it brought the first digital mass flow controller and, more recently, the first “wide range” controllers that are insensitive to market pressure.

High temperature models are also available and can operate up to 120 ° C. Mass flow controllers can control flows up to 200 slm (liters / minute) with different interfaces including: analog, RS 422A, RS-485 and DeviceNet.

As semiconductor devices are getting faster and the level of integration increases, high precision is required in the construction of these devices and there is now a wide variety of liquids used in the manufacture of semiconductors, LCD displays and solar panels.

Horiba is a world leader in this area, offering a complete line of flow controllers for liquids, vaporizers and control systems. Different vaporization methodologies are available for different precursors, including heating, direct injection and mixing to ensure efficient and stable steam delivery to the point of use.

In addition, Horiba has used its worldwide leadership in mass flow technology to develop a wide range of pressure controllers. The high precision automatic pressure controllers can control the pressure by “upstream” or “downstream”.

The vacuum chambers can be controlled by a controller at the exhaust, where it regulates the flow that goes to the pumping system or by controllers that regulate the entry of gas into the chamber, always maintaining the setpoint chosen by the operator.

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