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Micro-flow leak detectors

How it works?

Micro-Flow Technology measures “replenishment flow” to maintain constant pressure. This translates to leakage flow.

The intelligent gas leak sensor (IGLS) operates in viscous flow and flow regimes:

  • Full scale sensors as low as 0.025 cm³ / min (~ 4 × 10-4 cc / sec.)
  • Measures volume flow, pressure and temperature
  • Any momentary loss will cause loss of electrical signal proportional to the volume of the flow (cm³ / min)

Benefit of this technology

  • Faster leak test
    Stable measurement, insensitive to the environment (temperature)
  • Sensitivity – Replaces helium with air test
  • No vacuum is needed
  • Easy to operate
  • Simple equipment configuration
  • Direct Measurement
  • Does Not Require Frequent Calibration
  • Measurement is NOT sensitive to part volume
  • You can test several parts with an instrument (requires the option of classification)

Main application areas

ATC’s ability to create custom test devices with robust products ensures that your results are always accurate. ATC has created several aerospace applications over the years. Below are some areas where we have managed to integrate our systems.

  • Turbine engine fuel and oil systems
  • Alternators and Generators
  • Fuel components
  • Hydraulic Systems
  • Landing gear systems
  • Structure subsets
  • Masks and oxygen systems
  • Sensor and electronics compartments

The tightness specifications have become increasingly fair over the years. ATC leak detectors continue to meet these specifications while maintaining simplicity for the end user. See how we can help you create a specific device for your type of test.

  • Complete sets of fuel and brake
  • Fuel Line Sets
  • Steam Line Sets
  • Fuel flanges
  • Connectors, valves, sensors and components
  • Fuel rails
  • Fuel tanks (including plastic fuel tanks)
  • Braking system

ATC products are often used in electronics testing, replacing helium with air testing in order to meet standards such as IP76 and IP68. With ATC’s mass extraction technology, material testing (permeation) can be tested in seconds, replacing test days with some test methods.

  • Water inlet test (IP67 or similar)
  • Semiconductor components
  • Material properties (permeation and solubility)
  • Consumer electronic products (washers, ovens, gas regulators, etc.)

Mass extraction technology is used in the testing of automotive, commercial and residential air conditioning systems. Many air conditioning systems today use helium gas for leak testing. ATC products use air or nitrogen to replace high-value trace gases

  • Complete Air Conditioning Systems (before refrigerant charge)
  • Compressors and Components
  • Heat exchangers
  • Appliances (refrigerators, ice machines)
  • Components (expansion valves, thermostats, dryers)

ATC has been testing industrial components for over 25 years using air and micro-flow technology, maintaining the sensitivity levels found in helium mass spectrometry level tests. From simple “Pass / Not Pass” leak tests to more complex and challenging production environments.

  • Pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders
  • Valves
  • Regulators
  • Filters
  • Quick Disconnects

ATC applications are ideal for testing medical devices and medical packaging. Unlike pressure decay, ATC offers faster and more accurate testing, with direct measurement capabilities that are not sensitive to volume. ATC products require little configuration, with robust operation.

  • Drug delivery pumps and devices
  • Disposable lumen catheters
  • Balloon catheters (with or without stent)
  • Implanted cardiac devices
  • Testing CCIT packages (bags, bottles, etc.)

There is a growing demand for CCIT (Container Closure Integrity Testing) in the pharmaceutical industry, driven by strict FDA guidelines that require a sterile barrier. ATC has worked extensively with these guidelines to develop devices that meet your needs.

  • Sterile barrier test
  • Moisture barrier test
  • General CCIT packaging protection
  • Offline CCIT
  • High speed automatic robotic sampling
  • 100% online inspection

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