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Vacuum pumping stations for various types of applications

Pumping stations specially configured for the process are necessary for a large number of applications. To meet diverse needs, Pfeiffer Vacuum offers a wide range of vacuum pumping stations. They consist of different pump combinations and are complemented by appropriate components, valves and measuring instruments. Turbolecular pumping stations and Roots pumping stations are part of our product line. If our standard solutions do not suit your application, we will work with you to configure the appropriate solution within our extensive product portfolio.

Turbomolecular pumping stations for high vacuum and ultra high vacuum applications

Our modular pumping stations of the HiCube series are characterized by the combination of a turbo pump, of the HiPace series, with a dry or oil sealed primary pump, designed for the specific requirements of the application. The pumping station combination can be individually and flexibly adjusted to your needs. Fully configured and ready for use, the turbomolecular pump and the pre-vacuum pump make a perfect combination, easy to use “plug and play”.

Roots pumping stations for low and medium vacuum applications

Pfeiffer Vacuum offers a wide variety of Roots pumping stations with different primary pumps, classifications and accessories. Roots pumping stations are used under low and medium vacuum and offer a reliable solution with a high pumping speed in the transition area (atmospheric pressure at 10-3 mbar). Finding the best combination of vacuum pumps will result in a perfect solution for all your production and research applications.

Custom pumping stations

In addition to standard pumping stations, we also offer customized vacuum solutions. With your help, we have created a pumping station adapted to your application, from planning and design to manufacturing and installation.

Application Examples

Turbo pumping stations

  • Research and Development
  • Particle accelerators
  • Analysis and surface physics
  • Vacuum process technology
  • General vacuum applications

Roots pumping stations

  • Loading chambers
  • Coatings
  • Metallurgy
  • Research and Development
  • General industrial applications

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