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Gas analysis by quadrupole mass spectrometry

Pfeiffer Vacuum offers a wide range of analyzers for determining gases in a vacuum process. From the mass spectrometer to the complex analysis system, you will find the right solution for gas analysis in the ultra-high vacuum to atmospheric pressure range. The basis is always the PrismaPro quadrupole mass spectrometer. PrismaPro is a mass spectrometer with universal application whose field axis technology guarantees high sensitivity.

Residual Gas Analyzer

The ion currents provided by the mass spectrometer for the mass / charge ratio of the gas components provide significant information about a vacuum system at the various stages of the operation, either to determine the voltage and the absence of contamination after installation or for its characterization when operating a vacuum process.

The pressure range that can be achieved in the vacuum system, based on the design of the vacuum chamber and the pumping system, determines the selection of the appropriate mass spectrometer. Usually a Faraday detector is sufficient in the high vacuum, while a secondary electron multiplier is needed in the ultra-high vacuum, to detect very low gas densities.

Another fundamental criterion is the mass range to be detected. In the traditional vacuum system, atmospheric gases such as nitrogen, oxygen, argon, water vapor and, generally, contamination with light hydrocarbons are the main focus. To detect these gases, a quadrupole mass spectrometer for the range between 1 and 100 atomic mass units (u) is ideal, as there is an excellent separation of masses in this range. If it is necessary to detect heavier gases and their components, such as long-chain hydrocarbons, Pfeiffer Vacuum also offers mass filters for the 1 to 200 u or 1 to 300 u ranges

Ambient Pressure Gas Analyzer

By measuring the mass / charge ratio of the gas components, a characteristic fingerprint of the gas that was tested is obtained. Residual gas analysis provides useful information on the condition of vacuum systems in a wide range of vacuum applications. The gas concentrations and partial pressure of the components of a gas mixture can also be identified through calibration with the test gases.

Quadrupole mass spectrometers require a working pressure of less than 1 • 10-4 mbar under high vacuum. To analyze gases at higher pressures, as is found in many vacuum processes, a perfectly coordinated system is required, consisting of a mass spectrometer, a gas inlet with a non-separating pressure reducing valve, vacuum pumping stations and measurement of total pressure. With its products based on quadrupole mass spectrometers, Pfeiffer Vacuum provides the perfect solution for analyzing all gases in the ultra-high vacuum range up to atmospheric pressure.

Due to the modular design and the use of proven, high-quality components, these instruments can be ideally adapted to handle virtually all measurement tasks. Our product and application specialists, with their vast experience, will be happy to help you select an analytical system, suitable for your application.

Main Applications

  • Particle accelerators
  • Coating Processes
  • Industrial applications such as freeze drying
  • Catalysis Processes
  • Environmental analysis

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