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Primary vacuum pumps for low and medium vacuum

Pfeiffer Vacuum rotary vane pumps have been the best known for low and medium vacuum generation for many years. They are resistant and have a long service life, whether used as backup pumps for generating primary vacuum, required by the turbo pumps or as a single independent pump. The rotary vane pumps belong to the displacement pump family, they are able to pump a flow of constant volume and low pulsation, regardless of the type of gas used. They work on the principle of an eccentrically supported rotor, rotating within a block and with two or more movable vanes. All Pfeiffer Vacuum rotary vane pumps are oil lubricated. Special oils for vacuum flumes, also known as operating fluids, are responsible for the insulation and lubrication of components, resulting in very low final pressures. Oil lubrication also guarantees an extremely long service life, even in continuous operation.

Choosing the right pump makes all the difference for your application

Pfeiffer Vacuum rotary vane pumps cover an extremely wide range of pumping speeds from 1.25 m³ / h to 1,600 m³ / h (60 Hz to 1,920 m³ / h).

In terms of rotary vane pumps, there are two options to choose from: single stage and two stage rotary vane pumps. The two-stage models are ideal for processes in the medium vacuum range. Single-stage models are suitable when the working pressure is mainly in the low vacuum range.

In addition, to ensure the best efficiency for your process and maximum pump life, Pfeiffer Vacuum produces pumps in different versions and has a complete line of accessories.

One version for each type of requirement

Line intended for general purpose applications

Line focused on equipment and scientific instrumentation, has low noise and low vibration

Exclusive Pfeiffer Vacuum technology, line of pumps with magnetic coupling, eliminating oil leakage in the engine retaining joint and extending the pump life

Line of corrosion resistant pumps level 1, for applications that do not react with mineral oil

Line of corrosion resistant pumps level 2, for applications with aggressive process gases and reacting to mineral oil

Pump specially developed for processes with excessive humidity, high performance in pumping water vapor

Explosion-proof motor pumps


  • Low and medium vacuum applications
  • Primary vacuum pump for Roots and turbomolecular pumps
  • General laboratory use
  • Analytical applications
  • Chemical laboratory
  • Lyophilization
  • Process engineering

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