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Highly qualified and equipped to provide Technical Assistance to the entire Pfeiffer Vacuum product line, in addition to offering various services such as leak detection. We serve throughout the national territory.

Our Services

Pfeiffer Vacuum Line

Complete maintenance across the entire Pfeiffer Vacuum product line

Pump Maintenance

Maintenance of vacuum pumps in general: rotary vane pumps, roots, turbomolecular, among others


Calibration of vacuum gauges, mass spectrometers, Helium leak standards

Service in loco

On-site leak detection services for helium or hydrogen leakage


Complete restoration of pumps and vacuum systems


Start-up e treinamentos

Systems start-up, technical operation and maintenance training

Local stock of parts
to ensure speed

estoque de peças avaco


estação de teste de vazamentos

Design and development of customized solutions

Through its expertise acquired over its 11 years of existence, Avaco has become a pioneer in Brazil in the development of solutions for leak test, using He and H2 gas leak testing technology.


Mass Spectrometer Maintenance

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