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We offer specialized technical assistance for the entire Pfeiffer Vacuum line, technical support for the other lines, leak detection services in locco, maintenance of high vacuum pumps, calibrations for Leak Detectors and vacuum gauges, projects of customized solution and training.

Count on technicians trained abroad, a workshop equipped with special tooling and testing equipment, a laboratory for calibrations, a local storage of spare parts and its own vehicle fleet. We serve the entire national territory

Technical Assistance

Permanent after-sales technical support

Our Technical Assistance is specialized in the entire line of Pfeiffer Vacuum products, uses only original parts and has a local stock of the main spare parts to ensure speedy service. Also count on technical support for other products sold. Consult our technicians.



High vacuum pumps, Helium or H2 leakage leak detectors, vacuum sensors

We perform maintenance on various types of high vacuum pumps such as rotary vanes, dry, roots, turbo-molecular, diffusers and cryogenics, leak detectors by leakage of Helium or Hydrogen gases and vacuum gauges, among others.
Certain maintenance can be carried out at the customer’s own plant. Consult our technicians


Helium or H2 leak leak detectors, vacuum sensors

We have a laboratory equipped with special tools and equipment and experienced technicians with training abroad to carry out calibrations of leak detectors (Leak Detector) by leakage of Helium or Hydrogen gases and vacuum sensors.

Leak Detection

Helium or H2 leak detection service

We provide leak detection services for leaking Helium or Hydrogen gases both in vacuum and pressurized systems such as in, for example, heat exchangers, vacuum chambers, metallizers, vacuum furnaces, valves, piping, transformers, reactors, chambers and others. We serve the entire national territory. Consult our technicians.


Custom projects in high vacuum

We develop and execute complete custom designs of vacuum systems and leak detection machines for leaking Helium or Hydrogen gases.

Count on our experience. We have several projects executed.

Start-up and Training

Operation and maintenance training

Count on our technicians to help you with new equipment installations and operation and maintenance training.

Equipment Rental

High vacuum pumps, leak detectors, vacuum sensors

We offer a wide range of rental equipment with special plans for weekly or monthly periods.

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