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Targets and materials for thin film deposition processes, powder metallurgy, among others

Founded in 1998, Process Materials has earned a worldwide reputation for its commitment to quality and service, where trust is as important as technical knowledge.

Process Materials has become one of the leading companies in the industry, providing customers with targets (targets) known for their reliability with superior quality and consistency. Those who depend on Process Materials know that they will receive the targets produced to the exact desired specifications, delivered on time.

PMI materials provide reflective, electrical, decorative and wear-resistant properties in applications that include architectural, automotive, consumer electronics, optics, window and door hardware, machine tools, medical devices, semiconductors, photovoltaic power, flat monitors and touch and more.

Main Applications:

  • Surface finish
  • Decorative cladding
  • Flat screen display
  • Magnetic storage
  • Crystal oscillator
  • Semiconductor
  • Optoelectronics
  • Optical discs
  • Photovoltaic panels
  • Wear-resistant coating

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