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High vacuum turbomolecular pumps for production and high technology

Vacuum technology is essential for the manufacture of many high-tech products used in everyday life. In fact, numerous applications in research and industry require a vacuum level with an extremely low absolute pressure (high vacuum). Turbomolecular pumps have established themselves globally as a technological standard, having acquired their name from their cousins, the turbines. High speed rotors up to 90,000 rpm generate the pressure conditions required for the application. This allows a vacuum of up to 10-11 mbar to be generated, in the high vacuum and ultra high vacuum ranges.

Pfeiffer Vacuum turbomolecular pumps are available at pumping speeds between 10 and 2,700 liters per second. Our pumps have the best cost-benefit ratio and flexibility. They use bearing systems with the best reliability on the market, available in two different options: a hybrid bearing system, with a combination of a ceramic ball bearing on the pre-vacuum side and a permanently magnetic radial bearing on the high vacuum side. and, an active magnetic bearing system in which the rotor is levitated without contact or wear.

Turbomolecular Pumps with Hybrid Bearing

The HiPace line represents a complete range of compact turbomolecular pumps with speeds in the range of 10 to 2,050 l / s. It offers high cost-benefit and flexibility, which allows almost all pumps in this range to be installed in any orientation. The bearing system guarantees unmatched reliability. High pumping speeds, high support pump support, high gas yield, and excellent compression for light gases, all possible thanks to its rotor with an innovative design.

What is Hybrid bearing?

The combination of a ceramic ball bearing on the pre-vacuum side and a permanent magnetic bearing on the high vacuum side is called a hybrid bearing.

This bearing technology does not require electromagnets and has a long service life with maintenance intervals of approximately 4 years. The ball bearing and operating fluid reservoir can be replaced on site in less than 30 minutes.

5-Axis Magnetic Turbomolecular Pumps

Electromagnetic bearings are also called “magnetically levitated”, because the rotor position is continuously monitored and adjusted accordingly. This allows for vibration-free and wear-free operation with automatic “balance” compensation. Continuous rotor stability is guaranteed. These bearings are maintenance free and do not require lubrication.

Higher pumping speed, compression, gas flow and minimal vibration are classic parameters required by our customers. Our 5-axis magnetic levitation pump lines offer excellent performance data in their fields of expertise. This makes them the perfect answer for all non-corrosive applications in the analytical, research and development market, as well as in reactive processes in the coating and semiconductor industry.


  • Analysis (mass spectrometry, electron microscopy)
  • Semiconductor industry (electronic components, integrated circuits (ICs), solar cells)
  • Optical / glass industry (thermal protection, anti-glare, reflection, optical filter coatings)
  • Coating technology (surface protection, decorative coatings, displays, screens)
  • Vacuum metallurgy (vacuum welding, vacuum sintering, vacuum alloys, vacuum furnaces)
  • Leak detection (vacuum systems, vehicle fuel tanks, airbag cartridges, packaging)
  • Research facilities (nuclear particle physics, fusion research, laser applications)
  • Lamp industry (lamp production)

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