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Vacuum chambers and connections for all types of applications and pressure levels

The components and connections create the union between each individual element in a vacuum system. Because of this, vacuum technology requires high-level materials, as well as a high quality standard in the manufacture of each component. Pfeiffer Vacuum offers several vacuum connections in the main standards of the area: small flanges (ISO-KF) in dimensions from DN 10 to DN 50, clamping flanges (ISO-K) in dimensions from DN 63 to DN 630, CF connections ( CF) in dimensions from DN 16 to DN 350, as well as COF connections in dimensions from DN 400 to DN 800. In addition, we offer customized solutions, perfectly adapting to your needs.

We offer vacuum chambers in the highest manufacturing standard. Pfeiffer Vacuum offers standard solutions, where from a base chamber the customer can customize it according to their needs, as well as personalized chambers, meeting high vacuum and ultra high vacuum levels.

Vacuum components must meet high standards

All Pfeiffer Vacuum components meet the high quality standards that are required for vacuum components. The vacuum components are tested for leakage by leakage of helium gas and have leakage rates better than 10-10 Pa · m3 / s for ISO-KF, ISO-K / ISO-F and 10-11 Pa · m3 flanges / s for CF and COF flanges. All components of the Pfeffer Vacuum are welded on the inside for an ideal vacuum. If the geometry does not allow this process, the connection will be completely welded to prevent leaks, such as clearances and blind holes. Suitable materials, clean surfaces and special cleaning methods with industrial machines, guarantee low desorption rates. The welded components are sandblasted with glass particles or preserved. Alternative surface treatments, such as grinding, polishing or annealing, are available upon request.

In terms of vacuum dowels, Pfeiffer Vacuum offers a diverse selection of dowels for electric currents, voltages, thermocouples and fluids, in all flange lines for high vacuum and ultra high vacuum applications. In addition, you will find mechanical dowels for rotary, linear and rotary / linear movements, sealed by elastomer for the high vacuum range, magnetically coupled or bellows sealed for ultra high vacuum applications.

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