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Vacuum gauges for analog or digital pressure measurement

Many vacuum applications operate only within a specific pressure range. Analog and digital vacuum or full pressure measurement instruments are used to measure and control the total pressure in a vacuum system. Pfeiffer Vacuum offers a variety of vacuum measurement solutions

Basic conditions to consider when selecting a sensor:

  • Pressure range to be detected
  • Gas composition (inert or corrosive)
  • Necessary precision and repeatability
  • Environmental conditions, such as ionizing radiation

Pfeiffer Vacuum Gauge Series

DigiLine, ActiveLine, CenterLine and ModulLine cover the entire pressure range, while portable vacuum meters allow the pressure to be displayed, in the low and medium vacuum range, in the process chamber itself.

Traditional line of Pfeiffer Vacuum sensors, with sensors with analog signal output

Vacuum sensor line with digital signal output, analog output with two switching points and Profibus interfaces

Line of vacuum sensors with analog signal output, compatible with sensors from other manufacturers

Vacuum sensor range for ionizing radiation applications

Line of vacuum sensors with integrated display and analog pressure gauges

Special capacitive pressure gauges with temperature adjustment

Some Applications

  • Hard disk coating
  • PVD coating
  • Solar cell production
  • Spatial simulation
  • Vacuum drying
  • Heat treatment
  • Electron beam welding
  • Surface finish
  • Fusion technology

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