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Since its foundation, Avaco has brought to the Brazilian market the most advanced technology in the area of vacuum, representing the main brands in the world market.

Quadrupole mass spectrometer for residual gas analysis, for high vacuum, ultra high vacuum and special versions for ambient pressure analysis.

Standard or custom made vacuum chambers, feedthroughs, vacuum connections.

Leak detection using mass spectrometry technology, dedicated to helium and hydrogen gases

Sensors for the entire pressure range, Pirani sensors, Cold Cathode, Hot Cathode, Capacitive Membrane, conventional or corrosion resistant.

Complete line of valves for high vacuum applications, angle valves, diaphragm, gate valves, valves for automatic pressure control.

VAT Edge Welded Metal Bellows. Used in various applications, e.g. as flexible sealing elements or as vibration compensating pipe connector.

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